Americanah : The Black Non American Girl

Basically, Americanah is about an epic love story which defies times and space between Ifemelu et Obinze. But for real, it is so much more! The book talks about friendship, integration, racism and other levels of distinction made by society. This is a real deal because the book’s ton is really incredible. 

Americanah : a novel between fiction and autobiography

In the tittle, I qualifie this book of fictionnal autobiographic because the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as Ifemelu left Nigeria to continue her studies in the USA and we recognize a feminist commitment through Ifemelu’s voice. The author also wrote others books like Purple Hibiscus or The Half of the yellow sun adapted as a movie. By the way, Americanah will be produce by Brad Pitt and Ifemelu will be played by Lupita Nyong’o. Can’t wait !


Ifemelu and Obinze : two disturbing main characters

Ifemelu is a young Nigerian woman who leaves her native country as well as her family and her lover, to go to study in the USA. She has a sharp tongue and an undeniable strength of character. The book is written mostly in her point of view. Ifemelu’s voice, in this book, exposes racial problems through her blog, called Raceteenth or Various Observations About American Blacks  by a Non-American Black, and her bloodthirsty punchlines. Through this character, the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie puts on the spotlights questions that annoy, turns upside down the comfort of the minds which refuse to see the things the way they are, and she even ironises the most romantic love.


Obinze is the transit lover. Really, he is the perfect dreamy boyfriend and very sweet for a girl like Ifemelu: “Her first lover, her first lover, the only with whom she had never felt to explain herself”.  He marks the contrast with her because his experience abroad (in England) will not be as glorious as Ifemelu’s. It’s is in native country that things will change for him. But also, his idealistic vision of life gives a duality to the narration.


What I think …

I would like to say that this novel based on the separation of two high school sweethearts is fierce. When I read it, sometimes my heart beat louder and I posed the book to think about the issues raised. No kidding, the debates about race and immigration are discussed without transparency when the author tells us through Ifemelu : ” Coming down from the plane to Lagos, I felt like I had cease to be black”.


Americanah’s author, that the media qualifies ” like the raising voice of American litterature” , comes to challenge the spirits of the multicutural society’s children.




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