Pari(s) d’amies : Humor, friendship and melting pot

 Rokhaya Diallo and the illustrator Kim Consigny made the deal to draw the portrait of our Parisian generation with a lot of humor. The comics fits with our century and talks about our melting-pot society.

Whether we are black, white, yellow, or grey… Believing in a religion or not, Nappy or not. Wether we are in a sentimental mess or on the top of a fulfilled love… (ndlr that friend who makes us drool on her couple), Pari(s) d’amies (litterally translated in “Friends deals” or “Paris of friends”) is a pretty way to introduce our society through 5 heros:

– Cassandre, the mixed girl who comes back from two years in the USA.

-Marianne, the Arabian girl whom real name is Mariam.

-Claire, the clever blonde.

– Minh-Chau, the Asian girl with a soul voice who wants to be a singer.

– Aminata, adherent to weaves and straightened hair.

In this comics, they explain that our personnality and our tastes can’t be defined by our origins or our looks… And the others have to deal with it!

Anyway, congratulations for this little spark!

PS: Comics only available in French.





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  1. Très envie de l’acheter !

    1. Fais toi plaisir et dis nous ce que tu en as pensé après! 😊

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