JoJo is back !

Who does remember JoJo? No one?  “Get out ! Right now ! It’s the end of yooooou end me!” There, now you do remember ? The 26 years old singer is back with new singles, like “Fab Love”, a new album and a tour, the ” Mad Love Tour”, which we can’t wait to tell you about !

The great comeback

A wind of nostalgia took place in my mind when I saw JoJo’s new album. She took part of the classics we used to listen in the early 2000’s, and had completely disappeard from the circulation. That’s why now, I was curious to know her new style, and the way she readapted herself to the actual music (I was actually hoping that she won’t show her booty). Moreover, I wanted to know what she might talk about in her texts.

Well, I was kindly surprised. I love it ! JoJo’s style hasn’t change, she is still straight to the point. Her voice evolved and she got confident.

That’s what she tells us in her website. The album is a way for her to tell us she’s a grow woman and self-confident. GIRL POWER.

Mad Love : focus on my favorite songs

Her first single, FAB Love (FAB = Fake Ass Bitches), made me go back in time as it could have been a hit in 2010. Don’t take it the wrong way, to me, this time was the best. In this song,  she points a finger to these selfish and hypocrit friends who were not there for her when she needed them. Yeah, actually she’s litteraly telling them to “jump on the bandwagon” (like die asshole).

To talk about the other songs, there are a lots of Pop, RnB and Soul inspirations. I’m glad to see that there are not that much clubbing songs, only “Vibe” sounds like it.

In the order, here are the songs I listen and like the most :

“I Can Only, Fuck Apologies, Fab Love, Edibles and Mad Love”.

“Mad Love” catches your tripe. I love “Edibles” for its addictive chorus. “Fuck Apologies” is really cool and I like its flow, the instrumental and the direct messages.

But my favorite is the one with Alessia Cara, “I Can Only”, meaning “I do what I want, where I want, when I want”. That’s song is dope and I love the duet. Indeed, each one succeeds in imposing her style in her verse, and they harmonize beautifully together. Insomuch that they can sing in the toilets with no pressure.

JoJo will give a show on January 19th in Paris, at La Maroquinerie, to present her album to French people. We can’t wait to see her performing !




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