Alessia Cara : Self-made artist

Her voice immediately caught my attention… In the middle of a That Girl You are reunion with a musical background suggested by Spotify,  I stopped everything I was doing to memorize the name of the artist that I’m introducing to you today: Alessia Cara.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Recording artist Alessia Cara performs onstage VH1's 5th Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions)

When we start listening to one of her songs, the replay button comes right after. Alessia introduces herself to the world in a gross state with her guitar and her beautiful voice to invade Youtube and our radios. Thanks to her covers and now, her own compos, it’s a successful bet for the 19 years old Canadian artist!


The best way to express what she gives off is to talk about how she makes me feel when  I listen to her. Music is sensory and her voice touches me like a sweet melancholia. We could do some crazy  contemporary choreographies on this !  I don’t how to do that, but in my head, it works! Or, here is a realistic advice: dancing like the super sensitive girl that you are when nobody’s looking or nodding and being a master of playback! More seriously, I would say that her music is sweet and bitter. Like Wild Things that we could use as a soundtrack for a video of memory pictures, it was wonderful. The lyrics are about free-minded people who don’t fit in a mold: the insurgents! That we are all in the bottom of our hearts.


Voici les 3 titres qui parleront plus que mes mots parce que la fille déchire un max!/

Here are 3 songs which speak more than my words because that girl is killing it.


1/ Here : Which made me stop working

2/ Scars To Your Beautiful : My favorite

3/Wild Things : A movement of thought

Which one do you prefer?








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  1. Vu au petit journal, découvert avec Here, le sample de portishead qui avaient déjà samplé Isaac hayes pour la p’tite histoire! bah une bien belle découverte 🙂 merci pour cette playlist vidéo

    1. Merci pour l’info supplémentaire. 🙂 Nous sommes bien d’accord, elle est géniale! Et de rien pour la playlist, c’était avec plaisir! C’est quoi ta chanson préférée ?

      1. Here, justement 🙂 musicalement c’est celle qui me parle le plus

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