Her name is Denyque : Made in Jamaica

If I can talk about one album that loaded us all summer, it might be Denyque’s. Discovered at random while I was chilling on Spotify ( that appli is precious), I was immediately taken by the rythm that smells holidays, and the singers’ sweet voice. Moreover, I got a big crush for the album cover, with a pop and pepsy illustration, hot! I want the same one … who wants to draw one for me ? I’ll pay you with Kinders!  (What ? Everybody loves Kinders)

The album is actually an EP, meaning a mini-album, made with 6 titles:

1- Where I Belong
2- How To Rave
3- Ring the Alarm
4- Lock & Key
5- Slowly
6- Make Me Believe You (feat. Konshens) [Remix]

I only knew about her the song “Can’t Breathe”, out in 2010 I think, and I used to listen to it like everyday , but I didn’t pay attention to the other songs. Now, I dare you not to smile and start moving your body on this! The Jamaican origins of the singer can clearly be heard, with a sweet mix of Pop, R&B, Reagga and a touch of Dancehall rythm. Produced by Ricky Blaze, aka the guy who made some hits with artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Vybz Kartel, Major Lazer or Gyptian, Denyque armed herself with a good value, and I think the result is here.

Choosing “Her name is Denyque” as an album title is simple and efficient. Denyque is in da place ! Still unknown from the big public, it turns out that the young singer wants to set herself in the industry little by little, in order to gather as much fans as possible to do a real album.

Rightly, the only bad point, well it’s that there are not enough songs, I want more ! Yet, Denyque has succeded in giving us a pretty pattern, from the most pop to the most dance hall song. “Where I belong and “Ring the Alarm” are the most pop and commercials titles, according to me. When I say “commercials”, I mean these remixed songs made to conquer a larger public than the adepts of the original music style. That kind of song that can be played in every dance-club, thanks to this electro rythm … you see what I’m talking about? But at least, she didn’t do it too much, I’m mostly talking about “Ring the Alarm”. “Make me believe” featuring Konshens (bubble gyal a bubble … bubble gyal a bubble … *Konshen’s voice*) and  “How to Rave” seem to be the ones that have Reagga/Dancehall sounds to me.

How to Rave is my favorite I guess…

So, do you valid this discovery? I hope I made you want to know more about her 🙂



Link to listen to the album with  Spotify






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