How ya feelin ? Willow’s back !

The youngest of the Pinkett-Smith’s clan, the pretty Willow, a 14 years-old young lady, defines herself in a gothic-queer style. I don’t know what it means exactly , yet, we can feel a wish to reject Hollywoodian standards. Just let her charm your ears with a song far from the Whip my hair universe! Maybe you will understand her discursive universe but in the right way.

That family is definitely too talented! I was recently complaining that all the actual artists do the same music and then .. BAM Willow layed her creativity. That song is actually a real mess and genius at the same time, you see? But it is so entertaining, the girl doesn’t give a damn about the codes, she puts her voice, takes her xylophone, her father’s dungarees and she works it.  Do your thing Willow, and please stay in your world, even if your weird !

Willow Smith – F-Q-C




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