The Brozone : a darker path than the Friendzone

We all already have heard of the so called “Friendzone”. The French youtuber, Wil Aime was very clear, and we even know how to get out of there! It is this situation, pretty uncool, when you love someone, but that person copied-pasted you in the “Friend” box. So sad… But there is something worst. The “Brozone” is a curse, a very dark zone, underrated and yet fateful for the person in love. Let’s tell you more about the Brozone in this article!


What is the Brozone ?

Mix of the words “Brother” and “Zone”, the Brozone is located a snotch above the Friendzone. More than friendship, you are so close to this person that she is like your brother, or your sister. This could be between two people, or inside of a squad. Most of the time, people don’t even know they’re in it.

How is it different from the Friendzone ?

When you are in the Friendzone, there is still hope. For real, a friendship can evolve in a love story (shout out to all the friendzoned people!). But when you are in the Brozone… OH MAN. You have to know that you automatically become sexless. You don’t have any sex appeal anymore. Even worst, you’re a victim of that sentence: “This is not the same with you, you’re family”. Hey, if somebody tells you that, be sure it’s dead. KO. Dead in a movie, no before… dead in the cast!

Tell yourself that it is (almost. Yes weird people exist) psychologically impossible to be attracted to your brother or your sister. It’s called incest. So, imagine one second to date your brozoned friend seems impossible.

How to know you’ve been brozoned as a boy ?

Imagine : a boy is hanging out with his girl friends, and suddenly they start talking about boys, their relationships, their bodies, periods, hair removal… All this obviously without thinking one second it could unease the guy (of course, cuz they brozoned him).

Two possible reactions:

  • you fill uneasy, you moan. You don’t you’re in the Brozone, and it hits you to hear these kind of things.
  • you don’t react, or even, you take part of the conversation. Either you are a real pervet taking advantage of teh situation, like “What your boobs have grown ? Show me ?”. Or you’re in the Brozone and assume it, despite yourself.

But while I think of it, a girl would not even do that in front of her own brother. So actually, that Brozone stuff is really bad. You’re being invisible, anti-discomfort!

How to know you’ve been brozoned as a girl?

For girls, it’s different. Boys will have more protective pulsions, like “don’t touch my sister”.

  • If they ever see you beeing hit on, don’t be surprised to see a tattler-wolf pack behind you. Really annoying.
  • If one day you decide to dress up and be on fleek, you’ll have reactions like “What is that outfit? Wanna hit on somebody? (you in your head : uuuh…yeah)” And then everybody starts laughing, like your sex-appeal is so low to them that you obviously won’t have any for anyone out there. Daaaamn, that’s harsh!


Last shocking way to find out if you are in the brozone. In a party, if you feel uncomfortable, traumatized to see you’re buddy dancing sensually with someone … You’ve been brozoned. And know that this vision will traumatize you like …forever.

In a more radical way, even your own family considers her/him like a asexual person when you’re together. No allusions or overtones.

Why did you put that person into the Brozone?

#1 Reason : The friendship duration

You’ve been knowing each other since childhood, and you’ve seen each other in your most weird moments. Hey, if I’ve already seen your bogeys, your swagg style and your Myspace, it’s really complicated to consider you as a real pretender.

#2 Reason : The common circle of friend

You hang out together, but he/she is your friend’s ex. It will and has to remain as a “Brother in law” relationship for life! You’re not in Gossip Girl, Friend or How I met your mother, things like this in real life never end well.


How to get out of the Brozone?

NCL’s point of view :

To me, it’s dead. If you are in the brozone, you’re screwed. And I just took aware that I’ve put a lot of guys in the Brozone. Sorry y’all.

Miels’ point of view :

It’s a double or quit game! You can try ti make that person confronting the truth, that there is no parenting link between you. Two results : you go up to the friendzone (=meaning there’s hope), or you get a real friendly violent reaction (=wether you like it or not, family it is) !




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