True or Wrong ? 7 things to know about nappy hair

When comes the discussions about nappy hair, you can here all kind of advices and rumors. Some are true, but others are absolutely wrong ! It can even lead you to a hair disaster. I chose, for this article, to expose 7 ideas about natural hair that I hear a lot, and want to develop. Let’s go !


Crédits – Illustration par @woohzoolyn


1 – Natural hair is hard to maintain

WRONG – Natural hair is hard to maintain only when you don’t know how to do it. One simple thing, never comb your hair when it’s dry. Otherwise not only the hair (and the comb sometimes) can broke, but even the knocks will laugh about you at the end !

2 – Natural hair needs to be protected

TRUE – In order to not weaken the hair, you must not manipulate or comb it too much. That’s how protective hairstyles are essential. The hair can rest and grow easily, while preserving the tips. There are plenty of choices concerning protective hairstyles : box braids, twists, weaves, buns … But keep your hair out sometimes.

So, to all of you who are always surprise to see us changing hairstyles all the time, please stop being surprised. Besides the fact that we love having the possibility of changing our hairstyles, here is the reason ! Nope, it’s not only about being complexed (hey you, I can see you). Youtubers with gorgeous afro hair are even the first to tell. Protecting hair is essential !


An exemple of protective style : the Box braids, worn by Miels (who’s into a great coming article btw)


3 –  Natural hair doesn’t grow

TOTALLY WRONG –  Who did create this rumor ? Who ? That person created weird complexes on many generations ! Prove me with 1+B, that physically, natural hair don’t grow. It’s impossible ! Hair was made to grow. If you have the impression that your hair doesn’t, it’s because they break faster than they grow. In that case, you have to take care of the tips to avoid hair breakage, and fix the problem to maintain the hydration and the length.

PS2 : Another detail, for these who don’t know, natural hair can shrink. Meaning at the contact of humidity, it frizzes, and looks smaller. No, we didn’t cut our hair, they are just wet …

PS3 : Please ask the authorization to a black woman before you touch her hair to check her lenght. I warned you 🙂 


4 – Natural hair needs to be moisturized with fat products

TRUE & WRONG – Let’s be clear, when we talk about fat products, we are not thinking about vaseline, or the DAX cream (yeah, we all did that). We are talking here about butter, oils and cream. These kind of “fat” textures allows to scelle the hydratation done with water, and brings other contributions (strenghtening, moisturizing, hair grow booster, softening…). Add a few everyday (I insist, let’s not choke it) to moisturize, but plenty to make an oil bath or a mask.

5 – Water is the basis of hair moisturizing

TRUE TRUE TRUE – You have to know that the basis to hydrate the hair is not cream, or shea butter. Like I said, fat products seal the hydratation, but not more than water. Water is essential. Drink water at will, and vaporise your hair every night. Basis !

6 – Relaxed hair needs less attention

WRONG – I even think that relaxed hair needs more attention, because hair relaxer weakens a lot the hair fiber.



7 – Relaxing hair is the only way to sleek the hair

HELL NO – I really care about this last pont a lot. Please know that nowadays, many hairdressers master natural hair, and can make you a brushing and sleek your hair without hair relaxer. Yes, when it rains, it shrinks, that’s life. But at least, there’s nothing chemical, and you get back your natural hair at the end. And it clearly avoids big choping to find back your texture.

Well, on one side, I hope this article reassured you and motivated you to understand natural hair. On the other side, I also hope that you understand better natural hair and will avoid the concerned women long debate about there hair.







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