Online dating : which one is the best ?

 Like these friends who found THE ONE (7 & 6 years for each one),  you would like to try dating apps. But there is a risk : being smitten by the Cyberlove Fever! Cyberlove Fever is when you have or had several accounts on the trending dating apps just to talk with boys… It’s hard to get rid of it, I swear! Thankfully during all my test period for you guys, I didn’t catch the fever. YES, I suscribed these following websites just for you *shifty eyes*. After all, joining fun and useful is not a crime! So let’s start with the description of my journey.


Adopte un mec

This French app compares the dating game with a supermarket… Tricky! But being a girl on this website brings some avdvantages. We can choose who we want to talk with and avoid the clumsy ones. Well… you can receive a charm from an old man, and sometimes it’s a little creepy except for those who like that! No judging here. During my “Adopt” experience, I had the occasion to meet some guys. And, I remember one with whom I had several dates: no kisses at all even when I tried to encourage him. I liked him… The reason why he didn’t kiss me was that I wasn’t submissive enough. At the end, I avoided something ! Except all of that, men in this app are honnest about what they want in a relationship.

The +
The major asset of this app is that we can filtrate people we like the most by putting them in our basket or avoid the ones  we don’t like. Girls run this app !

 The –
The ringtone when you receive a new message. You can’t change the sound but after all, people who recognize this ringbell also used it.



The Badoo’s Adventures… This dating app hides the most uncommon people in the world, like really! The experience was the funniest among the others. Let’s start with the biggest one : I used to chat with a very attractive guy, and it evolved into long and late phone calls. Being a tall men fan, I asked him how tall he was during a conversation.  He answered “3′ 11” and my frank nature made me say : “I don’t date dwarves ” (minimum 5′ 10″). He reassured me by making me think that it was a joke and his real height was “6′ 2”. I became obssesed with him, he seemed so perfect.

For our first date, I was well-dressed and he picked me up in my suburbs (didn’t want to give him my adress and didn’t want to walk too much) . I got in the car and saw a dwarf! I remained stoic and quiet so that 30 minutes later, he “ejected” me of his car. Realizing the trickery, I bursted out laughing so hard that it was difficult for me to walk to my place! Did he think I would not figure it out ? You can’t just lie like that…

Except that, there are also the ex-convicts 2.0: ” Hey, I just get out of 9 months in prison and I would like to have a pretty girl like you to keep me “company”. I will give you 300 dollars and we can also do shopping. ” You want some company? Ask your sister!
Through this tide of profiles, I succeeded in meeting a regular guy that I dated during 2 months, but it was after a long search !

The +
Badoo is known in more than 180 countries, meaning that in holidays, we can also meet new people thanks to the geolocalisation! That is both a dating app and a way to make some friends.

The –

 Between indecent propositions, people who are not serious and fakes, nobody can get out of Badoo without sequels.



The app focuses in “slow-dating” , like one profil by day! I found that innovative and cyber-romantic but it is soooo boring… Nothing happened! I stayed two months on this app and talked to just one guy. I mean, I had a small talk with him. Phew… They propose you one profile supposed to match with yours, you can like it or not but we can talk only if the like is mutual. If the person doesn’t like you back, nothing happens or sometimes you can get a joker (exceptionnally, another profile). We talk about Once upon a time but I didn’t even find a frog! The app is only for patient ones.

The +
The concept !

The –
 We feel lonely and you must keep trying …



I love Happn especially the concept of finding people that we met! The experience was funny mostly when the guys from your college you see everyday charm you. They notice you, but they are too shy to make a move! Or there is also the one that you notice on the app but not in real life. It is very cool as it helps shy people to reveal themselves. I don’t have so much things to say about it because I didn’t stay a long time, it was more a testing phase.


The +
The concept and diversity of  profiles influenced by our moves. We can meet people with the same tastes than us or who hang out in the same place we do.
The –
Too many profiles kills profils! Sometimes, we have too many informations on the home page.



Swipe left… left… left. Oh, this one, right! It’s the tinderized thumb dance! Tinder is a solar and chill dating app with many young people. It feels like summer, it’s light and sexy. There are so many good looking people on Tinder who we can hang out with or have dates. However, we have to recognize the two kinds of matches: there is the thirsty one who like every single girls and the real match who you can have a real conversation with. The thirsty match is like: he only talks to you if you start the conversation. He picks girls depending on who is really into him. It’s a good way to keep his options wide ! LOL. And like Badoo, the geolocalisation during vacations, it’s fire!

The +
A choice maybe superficial but fast. A simple and functionnal ergonomy and also a possible geolocalisation overseas.

The –
 It’s open for the ones under 18. I think it’s a little tricky with the dangers of dating online.

I thought I would do just one article about these dating apps which encroach our smartphones but I found some very original ones that I would like to test for you. There are, for example, this special app to meet new friends like Buddyzee or Likelunch (like LinkedIn  but in a meeting around and lunch with pros way). An app depending on of your sexual orientation like Planet Romeo (LGBT) or on your personnality like Ok Cupid. The ones according to the religious affiliation like, but also the one that act against cat-fishing, Tutti Flirty, which allows a 15 seconds video just after your match. I hope that this will be fun, meanwhile, be careful with online dating : meet in public areas, don’t give your adress, nor your money, and please always keep inform someone about where you will meet !




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