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I love my hair, I’m keen on it. I love that tuft that is growing more and more. But I also like doing box braids and weaves. The question is, what is a Nappy? Knowing that, literally, Nappy is the contraction of “Natural” and “Happy” , so in theory it would mean that we love wearing our natural hair, no matter if it is permanent or temporary.  This doesn’t remove the possibility to do other protective hairstyles? So who declared that the Nappy is the one that proudly wear her natural hair every single day ?  I mean, sometimes we have the impression that there are two sides : the ones who wear their natural hair versus … everybody else actually. And this bothers me. Anyway … To be honest, I’m just waiting for a long enough hair, fitting to the shape of my face to wear it natural. It’s a matter of “visagism” and ease, and not a complex.


I still have a well defined opinion on this subject. Each one can wear what she wants. THAT’S IT. But what they want to the extent that it is for good reasons : if like me you’re waiting for a good lenght, if you like to change your look like a playmobil … But don’t tell me that it is because it looks ugly, granuled, unmanageable, long and fastidious to maintain. It might be , but we have to learn to deal with our hair, without denaturing it. I don’t agree with you at all on this guys! We leave in a society where the afro hair has been .. how could I say … set apart, to the advantage of weaves and relaxers, while forgetting that there is sometimes a real complex hidden behind this. Actually, it is mostly because we didn’t really get the ” hair caring” heritage. So we get tired, lazy and hop, weaves, braids and relaxings! Careful, I consider boxbraids like a cultural heritage, so it is not at the same level than the other things. There is also a new trend, the Crochet Braids, that takes quite the same principes of weaves, but it seems to me that it’s less aggressive for the hair, and moreover, wearing a fake hair that looks alike our real one is something I agree on 100%. This looks less weird, doesn’t it? Still, I can stand less and less weaves, my brain understand quite fast that an intruder has come over my head ! Anyway, basically, I wanted to talk to you about my routine, and it went on a speech about kinky hair.

Like many of you, I had my hair relaxed when I was quite young. Everything was alright when my mum took care of it, but when it stopped … total MESS! It broke (Yeah well, actually it was my rebellion time,I couldn’t stand having these 6 braids and all, we all went through this right?) You can ask Miels,  my hair was gone behind. And this freaked out me so much that I imagined myself without any hair, and I thought that I would probably do a depression if I didn’t have it anymore. And this is when the “Nappy” era came out, thanks to the American Youtubers, then the Frenches followed the movement (we guys are always late). It inspired me, and I even ask myself if that hope does not make my hair grow faster haha ! I started to be interested in natural products, like shea butter and castor oil. Little by little, my routine set itself. Roughly, between each weaves or braids, I take care of them for a week or 2. Those time laps are spacing with time, because I appreciate my hair lenght more and more. I decided to go on holidays to the Canaries Island with my natural hair, so I am quite obligated to bring my army of products with me.

Here is the army :

Original Shea Butter made in Africa
Il fait partie de mes indispensables. C’est comme le fromage, plus ça pue, mieux c’est ! Non sérieux, ça hydrate vachement les cheveux et je l’utilise souvent en masque de nuit, avec les huiles ci-dessous.
It takes part of my essentials. It’s like cheese, the more it stinks, the better it is! Seriously, it moisturize a lot the hair and I use it mostly like a mask at night , with the oils bellow.



  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil (sounds good in French when you say “Jamaican”)

A bit every evening in my vapo, or directly on the roots. It moisturize and moreover, I noticed that my hair grew up faster with more volume.

  • Jojoba Oil

I just started trying it, and for now I like it! It has quite the same effects than the castor oil, except it is less dense .

  • Papaya Oil

I also decided to try Papaya Oil, some says that it brings shiness and tonus. I don’t have any opinion on this yet.



Shampoing Cantu Shea Butter, Mask and Conditioner Ultra Doux by Garnier

A very smooth shea butter shampoo. For the conditioner and the mask, the Garnier brand works quite well on me.

Daily moisturizing

Mango butter and olive oil cream by Elasta QP , spray with water and several oils

In the spray, I mix several oils (see above) with water, the most important thing to moisturize. The good values remains olive and argan oil, but we have to alternate with other oils because I have the impression that once your hair is used to the products, it’s not effective anymore. It’s not just an impression, it’s a fact in my case…

Routine :
1) In the evening :  I have a spray with water and a mix of oils that I pssshiit everynigt, then I detangle and do some braids to sleep. Well I admit that I get lazy sometimes, so I do 2 pom-poms and I go to bed 🙂 Don’t forget the scarf to avoid the Jumanji jungle remake on your head in the morning.

2) In the morning : I undo the braids and I put some cream on the hair. I try to detangle a bit to get some volume and well… most of the time, I’m not satisfied, so it ends with an Afro-Puff… I sometimes blow-dry my hair, and it looks like cotton candy and gets some length. Some of you see shrinkage like a bad thing. I’m shared. It bothers me when it shrivel like if they were afraid of rain and humidity, but at the same time, I like surprising people with the lenght when I stretch them, because they have a real lenght.  For now, Miels laughs at me all the time because I do the same hairstyle, my Puff, simple and efficient hair-do, and also pretty but I look like a kid. Look, I’m not an expert, I’m trying to do like youtubers but it never looks like their hair so meanwhile, Let’s Puff it !

3) The week-end: You have to save the whole week-end, or at least one day and a half. On saturday night, I do a mask with shea butter and all the oils I can find. I prefer to have it warm (a porosity thing I won’t be able to explain) for that it penetrates better. I put a hot cap , a scarf and I also protect my pillow. In the morning, shampoo, conditionner, mask if I’m in a good mood. then I do either braids, or bantu knots out, to have a curly shape and mostly to avoid nods. Do you remember the string braids our mums did to us when we were young? Yes, the one like that lil girl in Kirikou. We were traumatised by this style but there’s nothing better to stretch, detangle the hair without heat !

2014 vs 2015 results
2014 vs 2015 results

Here are my little secrets, you might share yours 🙂




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  1. Très complet ton article et ton histoire…:) ^_^

    1. Merciiii contente que ça t’ai interessée! Tu utilises ce type de produits aussi?

      1. Oui..mai pour dire vrai j sui un peu fana du melting pot…^_^

  2. Hello girls!
    J’ai adoré cet article (j’en aime bien bcp d’autres) mais lorsqu’on parle de cheveux et de la conception du mot “nappy” je suis aux aguets!!!
    Perso, j’aime bien ma tête avec les cheveux lisses et en même temps j’ai besoin de voir que mes cheveux restent crépus. C’est marrant mais c’est comme ça!

    1. Merci Meghounette! Eh oui chacune porte ses cheveux de la manière dont elle se sent le mieux 🙂

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