Me and my 3 selves : why can’t we do it ?

Do you sometimes have deep and existential thoughts about yourself ? Yes ! These kind of thoughts that make your neurons crazy. It happens to me all the time. Why can’t we DARE do things ? Freud, if you hear me, you’re cool and all but your big sentences on the ” 3 selves” that traumatized us in philosophy classes, enough. Let’s understand with our words and our imagination … Why can’t we do it ? 


I’m not teaching you anything when I say that we may have 3 selves. According to theories, they might be called “Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Subconsciousness”. I remixed all of it and decided to call my selves ICS (Innocent, Chicken and Super Me).

Leggo !

I alias Innocent

Favorite reply : ” So, what shall we do ? “


is the one that acts, sees and talks directly to the world, according to the orders she gets. Thus far, everything is alright. She’s cute, and very volunteer, but she sometimes takes aware that something is wrong. Why does she do things and always tells herself she shouldn’t have done that ? Actually, often receives fake or censured messages. She is forced to do whatever she’s told to do, she’s programmed for this ! That’s why her name is Innocent.

F alias Flipette

Favorite reply : ” Nope. Hell no. “


is the essential core making the link between and I. She decides what is to be done, said or not. So, she is very, very important, and has a lot of responsabilities. I like her … but not when she goes on Chicken mode.

Why is she a chicken ? Well, when aka Super Me  wants to make a message for Innocentremixes all of it, especially when she’s freaking out. Super annoying ! So Innocent doesn’t get the true message of S, and feels sooo lonely.

You’ve already met Chicken. Remember this weird situation where you couldn’t find your words. Actually, it’s because she’s freaking out in backstage, because asked her to do something crazy. But C went on the Chicken mode, and Innocent waits for the message.

It often ends with Chicken giving up the boa and then … total chaos. You start having weird reactions ! You burst out laughing, you turn red, you have an anxiety attack, at the end what you say is nonsense, you cry … That’s what we generally call an attack of nerves 🙂


S alias Super ME

Favorite reply : ” Seriously  ?! “

Honestly, S why are you so far in our minds ? Damn IMPOSE YOURSELF. is spontaneous, it’s who I am, who you really are, it’s Super ME. It’s the one you have to listen carefully if you want to succeed because you have it in you, it’s YOU (yes I’m trying to convince myself).

I think feelings might be S. That little voice who is screaming far away ” Nooooooooo that’s not what you need to say”. And sometimes, sometimes, you are chocked because of what you just said, and you feel overwhelmed. That, is Adrenaline. As Batman’s Batmobil, Adrenaline is S’ car. When it sees her collegues messing everything, she takes her car and pushes everyone to react.


I think you guessed by yourself, the one which is messing everything is Chicken, the middle one. Should we ignore her? Not possible. We better try to talk and understand why it’s freaking out. Because she’s the key to everything ! If cwe consider her as the base, we can understand that it’s the one who takes all the chocs, traumas, humiliations, as for  joy and good feelings. We understand why she’s crazy now !

This article has no conclusion. Like the 4th cover page of a book, you get suspeens… No, ok. I just couldn’t find any solutions yet.  I just wanted to introduce you the ICS 🙂

See ya !





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