Miels’s beauty routine

We all already had this adventure: that day we decided to get our own make-up and to stop scrounging our sister’s or friends’ stuff. Now the real pain is to know what we need and what looks good on us. Personnally , without the help of makeup addicts, I would be completely lost. Yes, lost like these girls with two faces… I’m talking about those who seem to wear a mask because of  the shade of their fondation, which is either too light or too dark! And, everybody watch them without saying anything. Sadness of this world! This is not my case, because I am finally able to know what I need and where I can buy my stuff in glorious times or in times of crisis!

Here are my makeup essentials and then, we will talk about skin cares.


Step 1 :  The central ingredient

The foundation is the basic !
I usually buy it at MAC or Gemey Mabelline, available in supermarkets. I mix it with a primer for a long lasting from Sephora. As a button triturater, I keep some war injuries that I mask under a concealer from the same brands I talked about before.
Don’t forget the natural law of makeup art: no foundation without powder ! I match it principally with the same foundation’s brand.


Foundation N°8, MAC, 45 euros


Mattyfying powder , MAC, 30 euros


Foundation N°360 Gemey Mabelline Fit, 15 euros



2 in 1 concealer, Gemey Mabelline , 7 euros

Step 2: sublimation 

Little precision: a touch of blush permits to ajust your color but it’s necessary to know how to apply it and ESPECIALLY have the right color. I’ve seen so much horrors!

Blush, BLACK UP, 18 euros


About my Nude make-up :
It’s cool and pratical in order to have a pretty face but I like to add eye liner on it, to structure my look, otherwise I look sleepy or bored. LOL! I usually use the one from L’Oreal in a potty, with a steef pencil. I promise, we don’t miss the line with that one.

Eye liner gel, L’OREAL , 15 euros


The final touch : THE MASCARA! Essential to habe the killer look. Yves Rocher, my BFF.

Mascara Ultra-Volume Sexy Pulp, Yves Rocher 19 euros


And sometimes, some lipstick : MAC’s ones are amazing! So spotless! My favorites are the Relentlessly Red and the Heroine.


Afficher l'image d'origine
Mat lispticks, MAC, 19 euros

For the make up allergics, it seems a lot but I do it every morning (except days of slackness). The effect makes me feel like  it’s my natural face. The real difference is not huge but an elabored complexion is the base! This is why you have to take care of this skin full of surprises.

Capital steps : Skin care routine

You need a daily moisturizing cream

Dark skin body milk , Mixa , 5.85 euros

A cleansing lotion:

Cleansing lotion, Barbara GOULD , 5.40 euros

An exfoliant :

Gel exfoliant pamplemousse rose, Neutrogena, 6.90euros

green clay mask:

Green clay mask, Argiletz, around 4 euros

I bought this one in a drugstore. Just, be ready for the first test … you will feel in each of your skin pores, but it’s great! Saying that it goes deep is an ephemism.


Here we are girls. To establish your own beauty routine, you have to go through many disasters, but, the most important is to find the products which fits to your skin!






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