Yoobo – Beauty care at your cliktips!

Do you know what Yoobo is? No, otherwise you wouldn’t be there reading this article. Concretely, I came across it completely at random and I found the concept stylish and innovating! Basically, it’s a website which gathers up beauty and hairstyle professionnals for men and women. In a few clics, you can complete a, appointment for the care of your choice (40 varieties of care) at home or at your office. Yes, they can move!

What I really like about the concept, it’s the flexibility and the advantages for the clients and also for the professionnals. Let’s do a setting situation:

  • As a client: No more excuses not to take care of yourself! The baby, the full schedule or the slackness to wait for an eternity in an institut, it’s over with Yoobo! We have, above all, the choice of the professionnal, with the time and the day according to your disponibilities. The MUST, it’s that the professionnals are recruited beforehand to avoid scammers!
  • As a professional: The first I thought was ” salary supplement”! The fact to deal with our own schedule allows to book appointments outside our working hours. You can also fixe the price, but mainly, your presence on the website reassure your potential clients. For example, I’m talking here about the social networks’ packwomen. The clients will come to you instead of you chasing them!


Despite everything, Yoobo, is not only advantages but also a dream and the ambition of Marie-Laure, Press relation manager and Thomas, Consultant in corporate finance. To understand the concept, it’s necessary to approach the creators! So I exchanged few words with Marie-Laure to know where comes from the name Yoobo.

Marie-Laure’s answer:

“Yoobo doesn’t mean anything! It’s a name choosen with my associate. Here is the little story: our first name was “Beauty Access” but we had some legal issues with a distribution brand in the beauty sector… So we decided to choose another name: short, punchy and without specific meaning in the “Start-up” universe. We love our new name and it really fits us.”


Actually, I’m not done yet because I realize also some ponctuals advantages. In my imagination, I can see this situation: you have a last minute date but no time to stop by your place to retouch your make-up. *Clic…Clic* Cecilia (name chosen at random) will come in one hour at your office, to make you a  super fresh make-up for you date. Class!

Now, I let you visit the website 🙂

Site: Yoobo




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