Summer Edition – Eating in Las Palmas (GD) ?

You might certainly laugh. At the risk to disappoint you… No, we did not try the Spanish local food. Guess why! We have been attracted only by things we know. Actually, it was cool to see how the food we know in Paris is made on foreign countries. Believe it or not, there are a lot of differences! Here is a selection of some good and cheap restaurants to try in Las Palmas, in the Canaries Islands. 


Number 1 : The VIPS

Regarding the advertising, and the big display panels they offer to themselves, we guessed that it is a restaurant chain, quite like the French Hippopotamus ( I never know how to write it). And honestly, it tastes good and it’s cheap. We both tried the VIPS Roll Brooklyn. It’s a bread rolled toast with some chicken, ham, bacon , a mass of cheddar and a bit of gherkin, served with fries. Really good! I will probably say that for each restaurant, but it was so consisting that we were never able to try the desserts…





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Number 2 : The Paparazzi 

It is clearly one of our favorites! It’s a little Italian restaurant on the seaside, with a wonderful terrace view . They propose great pizzas and pastas for less than 10€. And girls, the waitor was hot, we went back 3 times ( is that right Miels? ;)). She prefered to try the varieties of pizzas, I am more a fan of  pastas and little meals. Salmon pizzas, carbonaras, lasagnas and tortellinis delighted our papillae ! 







Number 3 : The Wok

Well, sorry guys, it was so good and we were so hungry this day that we totally forgot to take pictures! So I’ll try to be more explicit with my words. It is a Chinese at will restaurant, with a buffet like the ones we have in Paris. Although , their buffet was huuuuge ! There were very few sushis and makis, but for the chinese for chinese food, there was a lot ( logical): nems , shrimp fritters, a variety of noodles, some unknown things, but there was also a great cook who made at the plancha every type of skewers possible (chicken, pork, beef, gambas, prawns,salmon, pump…), meat and fish pieces. A buffet for the dessert was also proposed, with a big chocolate fountaun, something I’ve never seen before in Paris’Woks. All of this for only 12.90€! For this one, we did have desserts ( we managed to have a break, we were obligated to try the chocolate fountain).  If you have some adresses of Wok in Paris as full as this one, give it to us please! Because this is the kind of place where you want to try everything but you can’t, because there are too much things. And you go out angry, walking like a pregnant woman because you ate too much. Do you feel me? 




Number 4 : The Rockabilly

I think it might be our 2nd favorite restaurant behind the Paparazzi. They created an US old school ambiance like Grease, but in a more Rock’n’Roll version. The walls and the ceiling are sprinkled with posters and pages of Marvel comics, which is quite impressive! The beer comes out from a readapted saxo, the aeons are empty batteries. And the burgers are at less than 8€, served with fries or nachos. Regarding the taste of them, it was good, but no more for me. I mainly loved the place!  





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We are weird, we gladly go to eat tapas at CALLE PRINCESSA : LE BAR À TAPAS COSY & TRENDY in Paris, but once we arrived in Spain, mother of the tapas, we dodged it ! Ah lala … 








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