Calle Princessa : The Cosy & Trendy Tapas bar

Word of mouth or Facebook comunication, everything is good when it comes to share informations. 
And it can lead us to something nice like the opening night this July 8th, of  La Calle Princessa (used to be La Mangerie). After the tasting, we went to meet the Manager and  Shirley, the Web Communication Supervisor, who nicely welcomed us. After few words, we were able to target the concept and the originality of the Bar. The bet ? Touching two types of clients : the students and the thirties. Explanations ! 

For the students, the idea of proposing co-working sessions is perfect. You can come with your PC (or your MAC) to work with the WIFI (basis) and there’s more… the free unlimited coffee. This … this is such a strong thing for the cafeine aficionados like me (Miels) ! 
For the thirties, or more generally these who take part of the “Y Generation”, Calle Princessa bets on the afterworks, the appetizers around tapas tastings, and some cocktails in a festive and warm atmosphere. And between us girls, you can please yourselves with these light meals this summer. Tested and approved, you can go! 

No fuss, the sharing and the mix of generations prevail, you’ll notice that everybody is on first-name terms. It is also an ideal place to make friendly or professional encounters in a cool and living area. But we won’t tell you everything, you got to see it by your own selves 😉 

NCL and I have two quite similar point of views…

Miels M. : The first thing I liked is the decoration, which is very warm and poetic. Well, with an ugly place you don’t want to stay very long ! But they hit everything with the toilets… Yes the toilets! They are nice and have a true atmosphere. It’s like being fashion until the nails. For them, it’s warm until the toilets (proud of that sentence ! ). Special mention for the Barman’s Mojitos, I think I took 4 glasses! I also like the name of the bar, La Calle Princessa (with the accent please!)



NCL: The first thing I wanted to do while arriving was taking pictures of the decoration, so pretty ! You might say that it is the first sad reflex of our generation but anyway. It is warm and cosy. About the food, I totally had a crush on the mini-burgers and the cheese sticks, you must try them! Those mini-burgers were so good I totally forgot to take pictures of it, sorry girls! We had to ask to the friends who came with us to find one haha ! To resume, it’s a nice place to chill, have a drink with your friends or collegues or try to work during the day between your breaks. Special mention too for the Barman’s Mojitos, you have to know that you did not do them for nothing 😉

The little game was to find out what it is. Here the famous cheese sticks, with a caramelized apple compote and pepper rolls filled with fresh cheese. Fresh and good!

The famous mini-Burgers 

The Mojito of the Bartender 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, who’s ready to taste?


 Pratical informations :

Calle Princessa
6 rue Princesse
75006 Paris

Métro : Saint-Germain Des Prés (Ligne 4)

Horaires d’ouverture: 9h – 18h/ 19h 30 – 2h
Fermetures de la cuisine : 22 heures en semaine/ 23h30 les week ends

01 46 33 59 67

Page Facebook: Calle Princessa

Instagram:  Calle Princessa







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