Summer Edition – 10 reasons to choose Las Palmas(GD)

After several dilemmas for our two friends (new job or unwelcame spendings), NCL and I remain two to go on holidays! We found a haven in a nice hotel called RK Bora Bora Hotel in the city of Las Palmas de G.C. And after a week on the island, we can already say why the place is killing it.

1. THE SUN: The weather is great in our French point of view. Because when it is 75.2 degres, which is cold for them, I can see people with waistcoats or with chicken skins. Seriously ?! I’m sweating while writing my article. ( I think I will go to the roof terrace).

2. THE LANDSCAPE: You go to the left, there is the sea. You go to the right, there is the sea. And you realize that you are on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But the most impressive thing is that on 10 km you can walk on the mountain, pass cross the city and end up on the beach. It’s crazy, isn’t it ?

Vue du Centre commercial La Muelle/ View from the Mall La Muelle


3. THE BEACH : Las Canteras’ beach is clean with a lot of restaurants on the edge. During the day, it’s full of young people, less young, families, friends or couples, but at night, it’s the contrary! I think the inhabitants eat the beach every single day of the year so there’s nothing exceptionnal for them. But for us, we are so glad to have the beach almost desert for ourselves. We can dance, play music, have midnight baths for the most reckless. Personnally, I don’t want to die! But seriously that beach is great.

4. THE TRANSPORTS: It’s cheap! Waouh, the price for a subcription for Paris’ transports can return the stomach and it’s not the same at all here! Actually two bus tickets coast 2. 80€ with Las Guaguas ( while it’s 2€ for only one ticket in Paris). Yes, I criticize the French transports and I am not scared! There is also BY BIKE. You suscribe on the net, you remove your card in a Las Guaguas’ office which coast 1.50€ and BAM, 3 hours of free biking. Chill!

by bike

5. THE NIGHT: You can go out at any hour, there are always people outside! It’s very alive. We don’t go out in the morning but the night is practicly as populated than during the day. So sometimes, we have the impression that time is frozen on the island. Classy! Seriously, sometimes, we look at the time and we tell ourselves: “Only that late ?”. Because the agitation remains the same. I confess you, it’s confusing at the beginning but we get used to it.

6. THE FOOD: Just so far, we eat very well and there is food everywhere. We sleep at the hotel, so no kitchen and yet our budget doesn’t burn into smoke ( you should see our article about SUMMER EDITION – OÙ MANGER À LAS PALMAS (GD) ?). Even the drinks aren’t expensive and sometimes at will! It became a true pleasure to choose where to eat!

7. THE PEOPLE: They are super relax! Smiling and polite. Everywhere you go, you have to say out loud “Holà!” or else “Buena!”. There is also many pretty humans being for all tastes. My breath was litterally taken away sometimes. A holiday love came quickly…

8. THE SAFETY: People seem very correct with the turistas but we don’t walk in strange areas. Let’s not tempt them. But there is a significant police presence so it’s cool!

9. THE SCENERY: People speak English very  badly. So for those who love challenges, it’s funny. But sometimes, You attempt to say three words in Spanish and the lady starts to speak too much speed! And you do nothing else except smiling like you were dumb. I don’t know how many times we stayed like this! Still, I think it’s a good lesson to learn how to manage yourself.

So will you go ? I’ve already been there! 😛





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