Maison Influence : an uncommon brand

Our first talent to open this rubric is a young designer, or rather a Creative Influencer who caught our attention with the singularity of his creations…And you know that, what we love here are unusual things! So we went to meet him …

1/  I give you the word … introduce yourself!

Thank you first to give me the honor to talk on your blog…I am Djoman Dabah, alias Mister Djo or Chambo for the closest ones (Chambo : a person to whom we ask for fashion  advices, a friend of mine used to name me this way). Member of a 5 children family,  qualified in Industrial products Conception and Design, used to be a military student.
I like going to the restaurant, beautiful clothes, Ann Demeleumeester … I hate to be called a stylist, i am not one! Actually, I consider myself more like a Creative Influencer. I don’t draw only clothes but also jewels, furnitures, technical and mechanic systems. After a few collaborations in the milieu, I decided since last December to start my brand Maison Influence.

2/ Talking about this, what kind of spirit did you want to communicate chosing this name, Maison Influence?

The man and the spirit from Maison Influence has several aspects. He is mysterious and sweet at the same time, simple but not scruffy, he is a Leader. I didn’t want to do like the ones who started before me, to give my name or initials to the brand, I was looking for a name that would provoc curiosity and also nice to pronounce.
At the beggining, we hesitated between several names, but we finally kept Maison Influence: “Maison” reminds the little house which saw all my croquis and creations growing up. By the way, you can see that the house’s adress is written on the inside  label of my products! “Influence” for my origins, and the conception of things I have. To resume, I wanted since I started to influence the trends! Notice that Maison Influence isn’t a communal brand, it belongs to everyone.

3/ You decided to put very unusual prints, we can notice a tidy inspiration from the Antique Greece but not only … could you tell us where that idea came from? 

Ah, the difficult question! (laughing)
You know, I don’t have a previsionnal planning for my creations. I draw according to the feelings iI want to deliver. By the way, my next collection will be realized in order to give assurance to shy people. I’ve already been inspired by helicopters, ninjas, even by fishes. It was important for me that the project was accepted by both women and men, and for this, I needed something strong and poetic. I let myself be inspired by Greece for its mythic characters, her fascinating history and all the poesy it brings. Next, I broke all this image by adding orchids, to show that the Maison Influence man is also sweet. Sometimes, I ask for my associates’ judgement, my Ninjas’ ( laughs from NCL and Miels) and my image director”s one, before each outlet.



4/ It is interesting to see that it was a thoughtful step, with a real story behind. So I guess you have short and long end projects, what are they? 

We fought to propose to the public proper textile, resistent to washing, and we would like soon to be distributed by as many shops as possible in order to widen more our visibility. The brand is still young despite the congratulations and the encouragements. We are also finalizing the website because for now, the clothes are available only by ordering on the Facebook page. The first collection, which has for goal to retain clients and to make them understand that streetwear isn’t only about text and images coming from the Internet and put on clothes, but also a real research work, we plan to create a further collection with dressing elements like jackets or coats.
The work has already started, the best will come next. If God allows it, the public will grow with us!



5/ “Bring your own little touch, that’s what we call fashion”, this is our Fashion Credo, what would be yours?

I like your credo ! (laughs)
Well, I would simply say that “Fashion isn’t about what we want to see, but about what you have to show”. Every year, a new signboard comes out in the fashion area, nothing assures that it will stay, but we have to keep faith.

On these wise words, we can only wish you courage, determination, creativity and faith! Meanwhile, we rush to follow him on facebook and instagram  to be on point on all his actualities. 

Facebook : Maison Influence
Instagram : @maison_influence




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